The Origins of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

While searching for “Horror movie” trivia questions for our 13 days of Halloween countdown, I learned that The Rocky Horror Picture show is a musical spinoff of the book Frankenstein. What? Yeah, I know. That’s exactly what I said. Shame on me. I should’ve known that! Anyway, I digress.

After thinking about it though, it’s actually quite obvious! The Rocky Horror Picture Show can absolutely be described as a parody of Frankenstein.

rocky horror picture  show

In The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dr. Frank N Furter, a transvestite, claims to have discovered the “secret to life itself” with the creation of a very handsome and nearly perfect (physically, at least) artificial human, Rocky. While Dr. Frank N Furter demonstrates Dr. Frankenstein’s narcissistic side, their motives differ. Dr. Frank N Furter creates Rocky in hopes he’ll become his “boy toy,” whereas Dr. Frankenstein creates his creature ostensibly for the benefit of mankind, but really in the hopes of scientific glory.

In the end, both doctors fail to achieve their goals, and so I must conclude that Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Frank N Furter are not actually all that different from each other (except for the makeup and the lingerie, of course).

Ok, fine. The makeup and the lingerie make a big difference:

dr frankenstein dr. frank n furter

Which version of the story do you guys like better? I’m voting for the one with catchy songs: