Captain Phillips

Hey everyone! I’m back again to share a few more points that I left out of my previous blog entry. Life has been crazy here at the Box office. Between work, the pets, and keeping the household running, free time sure is precious.  So I was excited to finally take a break and share some more Golden Globe talk with you and about a Box Office hit starring one of my favorite actors!

I, unfortunately, did not get to see all the movies that were nominated, but I had my pick for best movie which was the Tom Hanks movie, “Captain Phillips”. It is the true story of an actual hijacking of a US ship by pirates- The first in over 200 years. Tom Hanks played the lead role of Captain Richard Phillips. His performance in this movie may have been an even better performance than his mind-blowing role in “Cast Away.”  Tom put every ounce of his soul and talent into bringing this character’s troubles and victories to life in a way that moved me.  The film was emotional, gut wrenching, and I loved every minute of it. If you have not seen it yet, you need to! As the film builds up, you become attached to the characters, their plights, and after two hours spent enduring these trials along with them, the release of all the pent up emotions leaves you feeling spent, thrilled, and vulnerable all at once.  If you were not a Tom Hanks fan at the start of this film, you will be by the end!

If you didn’t catch the movie while it was in theaters, check out the trailer!

Mr. Hanks also had my vote for the Golden Globe for best actor, but he lost to Matthew McConaughey for “Dallas Buyers Club”, which I also heard was great. The next movie on my list to watch is “12 Years a Slave” which won best movie.