Betty’s Back!

I’m sure you’ve noticed my conspicuous absence. Never fear; I did not meet an untimely demise quite yet. Actually, it’s just been a crazy busy summer here in the box office.

As some of you may have heard, we spent the summer switching ticketing systems. On the plus side, that means you now have access to convenient new features like

Pick Your Own Seat Maps:

pick your own seat map

and Print At Home Tickets:

print at home

The only downside to these improvements is that I did not have time to regale you with theatrical news or tales of my life.

Although, to be fair, the only real news about my life is that I have even more pets. Meet Jon Snow and Daenerys:

Jon Snow and Daenerys

Daenerys is the puppy that I introduced in my last post (ages ago). She’s really changed color! The cat Jon Snow is the most recent addition, though you would never guess from his size. Jon Snow and Daenerys get along quite well with the other animals (Ghost and Khal Drogo, if you’ll remember). There are also some guinea pigs that were added to the mix, but that’s rather a long story.

At any rate, I’ll do my best to catch us up on entertainment news ASAP. (Can you believe I didn’t recap the Emmys? I’m sorry!) For now, enjoy the 13 days of Halloween on our facebook page.