Boola Boola!

Post Harvard/Yale Game

                By now, you all must have realized that I’m a Les Misérables fanatic. I’ll admit it; I’m obsessed. Everyone at work knows it, and now all of you know it. If I had my way, I’d write every blog post about Les Misérables, but then no one but me would want to read it. Instead, I have to have a good reason to write about the musical. Today I do.

This weekend is the annual Harvard-Yale football game. As a Yale alum, I’m obviously heavily invested. Even though both teams suck compared to non-Ivy-league teams, the game is treated as nothing short of epic. That’s why in 2009 a flashmob rendition of Les Misérables’ epic song “One Day More” broke out in a Yale dining hall, you guessed it, one day before The Game. (Yes, that’s what we call it, because it’s the only one that matters.)

I really wish I had been there to see it! The details are just so delightful! The guy singing the Javert part is wearing Harvard gear, and the rest of them are waving a Yale flag. The result is the best display of school spirit that I have ever seen.

Now since I’m talking about Les Misérables anyways, here’s the new theatrical trailer. Warning: It’s breathtaking.

I was at work the first time I saw this trailer, and I’m going to be honest: I jumped and danced about the Box Office with glee. I cannot even get over how good it looks.

So how about you guys? Ever seen a flashmob? Excited about the new trailer?

P.S. GO YALE! Boola boola!