Box Office Betty: Hello World!

Box Office Betty: Post 1

            I’ve always been interested in writing. I mean, I double majored in theater and English and then spent the next two decades (well, nearly) teaching high school students those same subjects. So when the blogosphere took off, I seriously considered jumping in. But what to blog about? Turns out, that wasn’t as easy a question to answer as I thought it would be.

            I thought about what was popular. Parenting blogs are very popular, but I don’t have kids. I mean, I have a godson and a goddaughter, but a “godmommy blog” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as a “mommy blog”. Actually I had this great logo idea where I would play off of The Godfather movie poster.

That’s right. Imagine a woman’s face superimposed over Marlon Brando’s and replace Godfather with Godmother. I thought that was really clever and funny. Then I realized it was actually a little creepy looking and that I didn’t have all that much to say about my godchildren. Or at least not that much to say about them to strangers on the internet.

            I considered culinary blogs next. I saw Julie and Julia, that movie where Meryl Streep plays Julia Child. Well, the Julie character is based on a real person who actually did all that cooking and blogging. She got to transform her blog into a book and then a movie, which is basically the height of success. I myself have no book or movie ambitions, but if I was going to write a blog, I wanted it to be something that people would read. So a cooking blog sounded great!

Then I remembered that I am utterly lost in the kitchen. We just recently celebrated a birthday here in the Box Office for our Social Media Director, Dara. I wanted to bake something special for her, so my goddaughter suggested that I try making cake pops. They’re all the rage, she assured me. I looked up recipes and found some incredible pictures. How delicious does this look?

Needless to say, it didn’t even kind of turn out like that.

            My first batch tasted like poison, and I just keep eating more and more of it, trying to convince myself that it was all in my head. Then I took a closer look at the bottle of peanut oil:

It expired in 2010! So it tasted like poison, because it essentially WAS poison. If that alone doesn’t express how little I cook, then I don’t know what will.

After a series of other mishaps (the candy coating turns really horrifying colors and gives off a potent, nauseating smell if you burn it), I finally finished the second batch. Unlike the recipe picture, the result was definitely not a perfect round ball with even coating. Instead it looked like this:

And that was one of the better ones. Dara and the other Box Office staffers said they tasted good, which I guess is the most important thing, but it still proved that I don’t have a culinary future. (Did I mention my dad was a gourmet chef in New York City? Yeah, he would have laughed SO HARD at this cake pop fiasco. I clearly did not inherit his skills.)

            This summer, I left my teaching job in Wellington and moved down to Coral Springs where I started working for the Center for the Arts. I had been working here for a few weeks when inspiration hit me; I could write about theater! Ever since I was cast in my middle school production of Cinderella (I was quite the fabulous fairy godmother, if I do say so myself), I have loved everything about the theater world. I love watching shows. I love working backstage. I love the quirky people you meet in this business. I love talking about theater news. And so, it seems, I have finally chosen a blog topic.

            What exactly will I be discussing? Well, I’ll give you behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the Box Office (so many weird things happen here!), and I’ll talk about big theater events like the Tony Awards or the release of any movie musicals. Inevitably, random theater-related pieces of gossip will crop up for me to share, and each month, I’ll review a different Broadway show. (I’ve seen so many over the years!)

            And, of course, I’ll want to hear from all of you as well. Throughout the year, I’ll be asking for your comments and opinions on all manner of subjects. So stay tuned, my theatrical friends, and soon we’ll have ourselves a happy online theater family.

Dramatically yours,

Box Office Betty