A chair is still a chair

The best (and functional) relationships rely on honesty and trust. That being said I need to come clean with you – I haven’t been entirely truthful. While I did not lie to you per se, I lied by omission. Isn’t that the same thing after all? Besides working at camp, there was one other landmark event from my summer. I described my summer as “fun and exhausting and goofy and frustrating” and the exhausting frustrating part came from my break up.

Yes, it is true. Adam and I are no more. While he was the J to my PB he’s decided to hope on over to some English muffin and is getting awfully close to the cream cheese! The break up hasn’t been easy but I’m not one to sit around and mope. Cue: “A chair is still a chair…” Who am I kidding? The DQ that I am, I have listened to pretty much every famous musical break up song there is.

There’s Mamma Mia’s “The Winner Takes It All”:

And of course Avenue Q’s “There’s A Fine Fine Line”:

This one when I was feeling super dramatic – Les Miserables’ “On My Own”:

It’s a good thing I have these songs to listen to and kind of purge myself emotionally. Realistically I know life goes on and we weren’t meant to be but as any true musical theatre fan knows if there’s a break up you’re going to sing about it. If you don’t sing about it, did it really happen? Its kind of like the tree falling in the woods.

So I’m not trying to be cryptic here. I’ll give you all the details of the fall out. It all started when Adam was, let’s just say, struck by wanderlust. To Webster wanderlust is a strong desire to travel. To Betty it’s a case of a wandering eye and a lustful libido. That’s pretty much the whole story. Men are worse than rats! They’re amoebas on fleas on rats! (Casual Frenchie reference). Who is she you ask? Well her name is Betsy and that is all I know. Too much to even be real, right? I wish it wasn’t.

By far the hardest part has been the custody battle. Heck NO I was not about to let him have even one of my babies. For those of you just chiming in, I don’t have humans, but two dogs and two cats. It was “we have” now it’s “I have”. I’M FINE.

I’m also considering fostering an animal for a little. Fosters take in a rescue dog or cat while it is waiting to get adopted. I haven’t decided yet because I’ve been loving on my dogs and cats hard but it seems like a great deed and I could definitely use something to distract me. How cute are these little guys from Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue: http://www.justinbartlettanimalrescue.org/animals/list?special=needsFoster

I’ll let you know if (when) I decide to foster and will post plenty of pictures. I’ll also let you know if (when) the male suitors start lining up at my door after reading this blog. Do people still do that? I think the modern day equivalent is blowing up my phone with text messages. Either way you’ll be sure to hear about it!


Until Next Time,

Box Office BETTY