I feel like I’m climbing to the top of the Les Mes Rollercoaster

Post 7 Days till Les Mis

There are just seven days left until Les Misérables comes out in theaters. SEVEN DAYS. Clearly, I am beside myself; the anticipation is driving me mad. My boss recently asked me what I would do if the apocalypse comes and the world truly does end on the 21. While it seems highly unlikely to me, I have to admit that the prospect is horrifying! I would never get to see the movie that is practically destined to be my favorite one ever! I’m not too concerned though. If you ask me, the Mayans probably just got tired of writing down dates.

ANYWAYS, I’ve been trying hard not to flood this blog with only Les Misérables news, but I’ve found something too wonderful to keep to myself: a Les Misérables advent calendar on vulture.com. Each day they post something Les Misérables related, such as polls, YouTube clips, and interviews. Check out all 18 posts at this site:


My personal favorite, Day 9, incorporates another great musical (Rent)!

And now I leave you with one of the four “making of” featurettes that the Les Misérables official YouTube channel posted. It’s about the new song that was written for the movie, and it made me cry: