Fiddler Vlog

Post Fiddler tour vlog

            The cast of the national tour of Fiddler on the Roof (appearing at our theater on March 1 at 7:30pm!) is working hard to incorporate social media. They’ve joined Twitter and Facebook, and now they’re starting a video blog on YouTube: “Fiddler on the Road.” In each episode, cast and crew members talk about their experiences with the show and about being on tour in general. For example, in the most recent episode, episode 3, they discussed what it was like being with each other (their “Fiddler family”) on Thanksgiving rather than their actual families.

My favorite episode so far has been the second one. In it, the cast and crew discuss the history of the show and what it means to them. Check it out:

How sweet is it when the actor says “…but for 36 years I’ve been, I’ve been coming back home to Anatevka…”?

These videos make me wish I were doing technical theater. When you put on a show, you become very close with the people working with you. There’s an incredible sense of camaraderie. I miss that.

How about you guys? Why do you love Fiddler on the Roof?