And the GRAMMY Goes to….

The GRAMMYs, known as the biggest night in music, so understandably, the performances outshine everything from the actual awards!

It’s so much fun predicting who will take home the GRAMMY for each category, but what’s even more exciting is how the Grammy producers seem to have magically paired artists, current and legendary, in ways that do not make sense at first, but have made for compelling TV and for amazing performances!

Some of the pairings that had me scratching my head was Metallica, a heavy metal band in the 90’s with classical pianist Lang Lang. I didn’t care too much for their performance, but it wasn’t a train wreck like I thought it would be. Also performing together was Robin Thicke with Chicago, which I liked- Even though, I do not care for Robin Thicke. My favorite pairing and performance of the night was Kendrick Lamar, a rapper out of Compton, California with Imagine Dragons, well known for their current single, “Radioactive”. Their high intensity performance meshed together so perfectly, that it is now available for sale on iTunes!

Another great performance I enjoyed watching were the legendary country sounds of Willie Nelson, who will be performing at our theater on January 31st, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson who joined the stage with the handsome Blake Shelton.

Now, Beyonce and Jayz are in my top three of best performances of the night, but one performance that had EVERYONE talking and stirred up a lot of controversy, was the Mackelmore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert performance of “Same Love”. In the middle of their performance, Queen Latifah came out onto the stage to officiate the weddings of 33 couples, interracial and same sex, who stood in the aisles of the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The crowd looked on as Latifah instructed the couples to exchange rings and proclaimed them all married. This is the first time The Grammy Awards shined a light on marriage equality.  After the “I do’s,” Madonna joined the performance to sing an abbreviated version of “Open Your Heart. It was definitely a pleasant surprise, which again, made for great TV! (In my opinion, of course).

Everyone who performed at the 56th Grammy Awards made for an exciting moment. I can’t wait to see what the Grammy producers have up their sleeves for next year’s show. If you missed this year’s Grammys, click the links below to watch the performances mentioned above.