Happy Thanksgiving!

Box Office BettyWorking in a busy box office is always interesting on a daily basis.

I can honestly say I love my job (how many people can say that?), and part of the reason, is the really cool people I work with in our little 800-square foot home here at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts.

My box office crew is so much fun to hang out with 8-12 hours a day!  I am very thankful this holiday season for my friends and co-workers Dara, Tasha, Tiffany, Robin, Ashley and Kate.

Whenever we get a cranky pants customer (you know who you are!), they help me brush it off and move on to the next customer. I couldn’t ask for a better support group than these women.  Together, we are one powerful sales team!

Our boss has been busy booking lots of great stuff and we have a lot of exciting holiday shows coming up in the next month including The Nutcracker, Chris Mann from NBC’s The Voice and Salute to Vienna on New Year’s Eve among many others.

It’s always a rush this time of year to see 1,500 people walk up the ramp here and head to the theater surrounded by loved ones to see a special holiday event.  Everyone always seems a little happier in December.  Even our boss seems more relaxed, but that could just be the secret bottle of eggnog he keeps in his office!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I hope it’s the start of a wonderful finish to 2013 for all of you.

Thanksgiving 2014