March Show Review

Post March Show Review: Next to Normal

So I just remembered that I need to get in a show review before March ends! Since I’ve been spending so much time obsessing about the Les Misérables movie, I thought I’d choose another show with Aaron Tveit in it: Next to Normal.

Next to Normal is actually one of my favorite musicals. The subject matter may seem off-putting to some, but while it’s tragic, (the show explores mental illness, its effects on a family, and how difficult treatment can be), the show handles these issues with poetry and grace. So I sobbed, but through my sobbing, I was totally appreciative of the clever wording.

It won three Tony Awards: Best Original Score, Best Orchestration, and Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical for Alice Ripley. It also won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, becoming just the eighth musical in history to do so.

I would give you a plot description, but there’s a fairly huge surprise early on in the show. So instead, I’ll just give you examples of their brilliant songs.

Here’s their performance at the 2009 Tony Awards. The orchestra timing is just a little off in the beginning, but you get to see Aaron Tveit’s gorgeous face so it’s all good:

It’s super hard to choose which songs to include for you, because they’re just all so good. So I’m just going to give you a random few.

Here’s the opening:

Here’s another one where you get to look at Aaron Tveit’s face. You’re welcome. (Have a little beauty with your heartache.