Once. Need to go at least twice.

Box Office Betty: Post 4

                There’s something I forgot to mention about Sleepwalk With Me in my last post: Cristin Milioti is in it! (She plays Mike’s sister.) That may not mean much to you unless you are as obsessed with the musical Once as I am. To be honest, I haven’t actually gotten to see the musical yet, much to my dismay, though I did see the movie from which the musical was adapted. It’s cute, but the musical looks breathtaking:


The songs, which were in the original movie as well, are gorgeous, and it’s so cool that the actors provide the orchestration onstage. But the thing I love most about the trailer is the obvious chemistry between the two leads, Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti. How cute are they together? And we can’t even hear what they’re saying! I guess it helps that “Falling Slowly” (which won an Academy Award when it was in the movie) is one of my favorite songs. The lyrics are quietly devastating and so beautiful.  It also doesn’t hurt that Steve is such an attractive man. (What? I do have eyes, you know!)

My obsession with Once reached new heights after the 2012 Tony Awards. The show won 8 awards, including Best Musical. The cast’s Tony performance (of the song “Gold”) was lovely, but what won me over the most was Steve acceptance speech for Best Actor in a Musical:


To see this earnest man crying onstage in humble gratitude undid me. I was sitting on my couch weeping along with him. (Thankfully Adam is used to such displays from me; otherwise I would quickly find myself single.) I love that Steve’s fellow cast members supported him through such a difficult time. For me, theater has always been about camaraderie. In fact, my best friend (the one who named me godmother of her two children) and I are so close, because our bond was forged in the fires of college theater.

                PFM, the parent company of The Coral Springs Center for the Arts, is actually an associate producer of Once, so maybe when the musical goes on tour it will stop at some PFM theaters – like ours! Well, a woman can certainly hope, anyways.

Have any of you seen Once yet? Or are all of you just like me, desperately waiting for it to go on tour?