Out with the old and in with the new! “New” is the theme recently here in the office. Everything is new! Including my newly single, very available, very desirable self. I’m hot off the press so you should probably read all about it. Where shall I begin?

Well first off, the girls and I decided to liven things up around here with lots of color. For as long as I can remember we have been working in paradise. Think lush green trees creating a canopy overhead. Think mounds of shrubbery around an island – so beautiful and aromatic. Think palms being waved in front of your face. Feel that soft breeze? Now let’s add a little more to the picture shall we? Think of a group of leprechauns as large as the freshmen class at University of Miami clacking their clogs. Think of all the inhabitants of the Wizard’s Emerald City singing their little song. Think tree frogs, think sour apples, think the recycling sign on repeat. Are you catching my drift?

 Our office has always been GREEN. One of those greens that I think was supposed to be neutral and maybe even slightly soothing but alas we can’t win them all can we? It is in one word: putrid. A few girls in the office have recently moved and so we’ve been talking a lot about wall colors and decorations leaving the rest of us green with envy. With the go ahead from the boss the wall painting began!

 Our Marketing Director Jessica chose “Ash Violet” and it is absolutely gorgeous. She has a massive cherry wood desk so it was hard coming up with a complimentary color but she definitely pulled it off. Now on to my Box Office. I’m a little embarrassed but there is something to be said about paying homage to the past and…choosing a different green. I couldn’t help it! I’ve been here too long, happily working amongst the mossy (moldy) colored walls, to throw it all away. The good thing is that this is a “new” and improved green. Bright, bold, different- just like me! It is perfect.

 Other than the walls, we have been consumed by another new change lately. We have also introduced our new season! While that means we are so busy up front with tickets flying, it is always exciting to introduce all our new acts to the public. Some of the acts have been touring here for several years but many of them are new, including every show in our Dinner Theatre and Rrazz Room Series. You should check out our schedule because I’m sure I’ll be making an appearance at more than one of the shows we have lined up.

 As you know Adam and I (I) recently decided to go our own ways and this is certainly new. I’m not sure if I’m ready to hit the town yet. Do I know how to dress? Do I know how to flirt? Do I know how to get attention? Do I? Oh, Do I! But more on that later friends… Until then here are some fun pictures on Facebook of the new office and don’t forget to look at our calendar and grab your tickets before they’re gone!