Nick Pitera

Box Office Betty: Post 5

                I write to you today to share one of the best things I have ever found on the internet. The rise of YouTube brought with it a new category of celebrity: “YouTube sensations,” people who gain a certain amount of renown by producing work exclusively for the online community. One such sensation is Nick Pitera, who has the vocal range of a full choir. Seriously, he can sing every part.

                He first came to my attention with his rendition of “A Whole New World,” but he recently earned my undying love and admiration when he did a one man medley of Les Misérables:

Now if you read my review of Les Misérables, then you know I’m obsessed with it, but this goes beyond that. How incredible is that medley??? He has to blend so many voices (or so many versions of his own voice) together for the big group numbers. That is not just a feat of singing; it’s a feat of editing! (André, the guy who does the editing for our videos at work, assures me that it’s not terribly difficult, but I’m skeptical.) At any rate, I think Nick would actually make a pretty good Jean Valjean. He sounds amazing singing the song “Bring Him Home;” he makes those high notes sound effortless.               

Now if you’re not a huge fan of Les Misérables, well, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but here’s a medley Nick did of The Phantom of the Opera:

The Phantom of the Opera will never rank among my favorite musicals. I think it’s because I don’t empathize with the characters. (As I said in my Les Misérables review, is the whole reason I like musicals in the first place is because I deeply care about the characters). Christine is too weak and naïve for me, the Phantom too creepy, and Raoul too bland.

But enough musical theater blasphemy for today. I really do love the music from the show, and this medley contains two incredible moments. Firstly, that Nick is able to sing those impossibly high “ahs” around 4:16 and the high parts from “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.” Those are hardcore soprano notes, right there. Second, this medley includes my favorite moment from the show: Christine sings, “Say you love me,” but before she even finishes the line, Raul answers, “You know I do.” I guess this makes me a hopeless romantic or something, but I adore that exchange.

                Let’s take a poll in the comments section: which medley do you like best?