And The Oscar Goes To

Post Oscars

Let me explain just how dedicated I am to watching awards shows. This weekend I went to Orlando for the Disney Princess marathon weekend. To clarify, I was not personally running. I was there to cheer on a friend. We spent the whole day Saturday walking around Magic Kingdom and Epcot, acting like children. On Sunday we had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to make it to the ½ marathon in time! (We actually barely made it.) I cheered her on as she ran.

Then I had to drive her back home to Jacksonville, and we got stuck in traffic from the Daytona 500. I was in the car from 9:15AM to 7:15PM. Basically, I woke up in the middle of the night and spent 10 hours in the car, yet I STILL watched the ENTIRE Oscars telecast. That, my friends, is obsession.

I would say it paid off, because there were a number of ridiculous, awkward, and delightful moments, which I have decided to list for you:

-They decided to use the Jaws theme music to play off anyone whose speech went long. It was super awkward, and no one knew how to react. Check out Jeremy Renner in the corner; he just couldn’t keep from laughing:

How awkward was that?! I love Nicole Kidman mouthing “poor thing” as Keith Urban just laughs beside her. Those were basically the two reactions warring within me.

-Apparently they decided to give the Oscars a theme for the first time ever, and that theme was music in cinema. It seemed a bit random (especially the Chicago and Dream Girls songs), but it allowed this Les Misérables tribute to happen, so I guess I’m fine with it:

I was playing spot-the-musical-theater-actors-in-the-background, but it was hard! The only one I got a good glimpse of was Ramin Karimloo, but I know that Killian Donnelly, George Blagden, Jamie Muscato, and a bunch of others were there somewhere!

-In keeping with the music theme, there was a Sound of Music joke. It was perfect:

-Jennifer Lawrence, who is a constant delight, fell on the stairs as she went to accept her Best Actress Oscar, and Hugh Jackman RAN to her side, thereby illustrating exactly why they are two of my favorite people.


In summary, the Oscars were quite long, a bit awkward, and, at times, delightful! Next up: The Tonys! (Well, eventually.)

What did you guys think of the music in cinema theme? Who were your favorite people there?