Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Picking favorites isn’t really my thing. I truly think that good qualities can always be found. After all, I do have two dogs and two cats and I love them all equally. They are all my favorite. Is that possible? Debatable. Even when it comes to colors, for as long as I can remember my favorite has always been “rainbow” because I think they look better together than by themselves. You can imagine how growing up my teachers didn’t know how to handle that one. On one hand I was clearly not answering the question or following directions and on the other hand I was thinking outside the box. For the record, rainbow is still technically my favorite color.


Favorite band? Favorite movie? Favorite restaurant? I have none of these! I don’t even have a favorite way to cook my eggs. I almost always want them scrambled, but I wouldn’t say that’s my favorite. But October. If I had a favorite time of the year it would be Autumn and if I had a favorite month in Autumn it would be October. But I don’t do favorites! Maybe just a little..


There is just something about October where everything is in balance. It is not too much not too little everything. Just enough pumpkin spice. Just enough breeze in the air. Just enough comfy clothes. Just enough jovial holiday spirit with out the cooking and gift stress. It’s all coffee, carving, cashmere, candy, and costumes. That is a lot of C’s. Definitely not my favorite letter. But B – B I like.




Is it strange that #18 probably takes the cake for me? I really love the animal costumes. Any brilliant ideas for homemade get ups? Pics to come!


We are already half way through October and so many great things have already happened. Our season is in full swing with shows every single weekend. Each show is different from the last so it is always something new. In the past two weekends we have had a Reggae music awards show and a throwback Doo-Wop variety show. Next week we have a Body Building competition and the Kidz Bop travelling tour. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said they were all different.


Also, last weekend I went to my first “real” college football game. I say “real” in a completely condescending, chin down, eye roll kind of way. I have been to plenty of football games – I went to Yale – but apparently it isn’t real until it’s a team in the SEC (according to the teams in the SEC). A few friends told me it was time to get out of town, out of the box office, and out of my comfort zone so they dragged me up to Gainesville for the University of Florida vs. Louisiana State football game. Gainesville was pleasant and charming. Not charming in the cute architecture, cute traditions, cute town kind of way, but charming because everyone there acted like they would rather be there in what is essentially the middle of no where than any where else. 80,000+ people (and those were only the ones that were lucky enough to get tickets) finding an empty space where ever they can in town and setting up camp. Music is blasting, food is grilling, and people are enjoying. It was exactly what I needed!


In the end the Gators lost in the last seconds but it was an overall great experience. The Gator Chomp though – I am all for full ensemble synchronized choreography- but it was a little extreme. A little extremely terrifying and intense!



This weekend I am jet setting again. This time I am heading to South Carolina to visit my sister. We don’t have any specific plans but it will be so nice to see her. For now I am enjoying being at work because although I agree that shaking it up does wonders every once in a while, there is always something comforting about the people and places you know and love. Until next time…