Blog Post Smash

Last year around this time, a TV show about Broadway came out. It was called Smash, and I thought it would be a dream come true. Sadly, my hopes were dashed when Smash became one of the most “hate-watched” shows of the season. What is “hate-watching”? It’s when people watch something solely so that they can then go online and mock it. Seriously, entire articles were written about about Julia’s weird wardrobe issues (why so many scarves???). For example:

And who could blame these so-called “hate-watchers,” when the show was producing numbers such as this one:

This scene isn’t even supposed to be part of a musical; it’s some sort of strange, Bollywood dream sequence. Questions of taste aside (WHY, SMASH? WHY?), it doesn’t make any sense. It’s supposed to be part of Karen’s imagination, but all of the characters are present, some dealing with issues that Karen’s character knows nothing about. At this point in season one, I was quite frankly embarrassed, as a theater person, that this show was representing Broadway to all the non-theater people of the world.

This year, however, I am allowing myself to dream once again of a good show about the world of Broadway. Smash underwent a massive retooling (led by a new show runner, Gossip Girl writer and executive producer Josh Safran), and season two is finally here for us to examine. Although it won’t officially air until February 5, the season premiere is available for free on iTunes and Hulu. I watched it warily last night, preparing myself for disappointment, but I actually loved it. Why am I so enthused? Check out this clip of the last scene of the episode:

A new musical! I was honestly getting so sick of “Bombshell,” and I love the style of this song! It’s been stuck in my head all day.

Admittedly, it’s too early to tell whether the show is actually good now or whether it was just so bad before that even mediocrity seems amazing. But, for now, I’ll cling to optimism.

Did any of you watch last season? Will you be returning for this season?